A recent study showed that SIXPAD helped users achieve a 12 per cent improvement in abdominal muscle size after eight weeks, while an eight per cent improvement was seen after just four week.

Amazingly new the training experience.
This is a simultaneous full-body training. We took it back to our roots which started the EMS revolution.
We produced the brand development, advertising and promotion for MTG with the world’s No.1 football player, Cristiano Ronaldo as not only the brand ambassador but as a product developing partner who provided advice to develop the product based on his training theory

Developed by Professor Toshio Moritani, an authority in the training effects of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), the sixpad ABS Gear is a device that sits on top of your abdominal muscles – held in place via a belt.

The control unit is in the middle and fanning out from that are six gel pads that align with each of your abdominal muscles (visible or otherwise).

Once turned on, the device goes through a 23-minute stimulation cycle. It increases in intensity from the warm-up phase to training, before an end-of-session cool-down.


Workout For All Age Group

Train Your Arm And Legs

The Sixpad Training Gear features

Endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo Versions

Body Fit (for arms, legs)

Abs Fit (for abs)

Body Fit only includes one pad. Get two if you wish to train both arms/legs at once

EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)

20Hz23-minute programPower: CR2032 batteries x 2Weight: 84g (3 oz), 49g (1.7 oz)

Always use with the gel sheets