4 Essential Exercises to Tone Upper Arms

4 Essential Exercises to Tone Upper Arms

Wondering how to tone upper arms that you could proudly show off in a tank top? Summer is here and you’re not alone. The question you probably have is, “what exercises can I do to tone my arms quickly and effectively?” Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are four of the most effective and simple exercises you can do at home to tone your upper arms.


This exercise targets the biceps along with the muscles in your forearms. You will need some weights for this exercise. Grab two dumbbells and hold them at your side. Stand firmly with your feet at shoulder-width apart. Then, with your palms facing upwards, lift your arms towards your shoulders then lower them back down.

As you lift, try to keep your elbows at your sides to ensure that your hands are steady and are being lifted straight upwards. If you have to move your arms about to lift the weights, that’s a sign that they are too heavy for you.


The triceps are the muscles located at the back of your arms and kickbacks help to tone and tighten them. Grab two dumbbells and lean forward. Keep your back straight and your neck aligned with it in a way that you are staring at the floor in front of you. Just like with Bicep Curls, keep your arms near your body by holding your elbows at your sides. Push your arms backwards and upwards. Hold the position and feel the squeeze in your triceps for a moment then let your arms fall back into the starting position.


Just like kickbacks, this exercise targets the triceps. It also works out your biceps and deltoids, and you won’t need any weights for this exercise. Find a bench or chair that is stable or fixed in place. Sit at the edge of it with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your feet firmly planted on the floor.

Rest your hands, palms down and fingers pointing at your feet, on the chair beside your hips then grip the chair tightly. Now, push your bum off the chair and lower it to the floor whilst allowing your elbows to bend but making sure you keep them close together. Push yourself back to starting position then repeat the movement. To make it more challenging, you can push your feet out further and increase the angle formed by your knees.


Push-ups are probably the first exercise that comes to mind when you think of toned arms. Push-ups target several muscles including those in your upper arms like your deltoids and triceps. For push-ups to be effective, they must be done correctly.

Start by going down on all fours. Keep your feet close together with your toes pointing downwards. Place your hands shoulder-width apart. Hold yourself up with your arms then lower your chest until it nearly reaches the ground then lift yourself back up and repeat.

At each point in time during push-ups, you must make sure that your body remains well-aligned with the length of your body running parallel to the ground.


To get the best out of arm exercises, combine many different ones that target various muscles, and work out at least three times a week. You can create an excellent arm-workout routine that includes all of the 4 exercises listed above by doing 3 or more sets of 10-12 repetitions of each move, resting between moves as needed. And don’t forget the importance of a healthy diet.

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