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SIXPAD Foot Fit Plus 2

SIXPAD Foot Fit Plus 2

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A healthy future
starts with leg training.

Technology is changing our lives in a big way. The future will be more convenient and people will be able to do everything without walking.
However, "walking" is closely related to health. By training the soles of your feet, which support your entire body weight with only 2% of the body's area, the calves that you always use when walking, and the thighs that support your knees, the muscles used for walking are strengthened and your body is healthy.
SIXPAD aims for a future where everyone can continue to create their own health. Start training the muscles you use to walk with new technology that combines convenience and fitness.

EMS * trains the leg muscles used for walking.

EMS * training gear SIXPAD Foot Fit Plus 2 (Foot Fit Plus 2) adopts an electrification method in which electricity flows back and forth from the soles of the feet to the calves, front shins, and thighs.
Electricity is delivered to both feet, effectively training the leg muscles used when walking.* EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

Technology that trains muscles by electrical stimulation
That is EMS.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
trains muscles by electrical stimulation.


Equipped with two modes that
can be selected according to the part to be trained .

Leg & Foot mode
  • sole
  • front shin
  • Calf
  • thigh
Foot mode
  • sole
  • front shin
  • Calf
Distributes the burden when walking, maintains balance, and supports the correct arch of the foot.
front shin
It is a muscle used when lifting the toe, and if it is weak, it can cause stumbling.
It is one of the muscles that is always used when walking, jumping, or doing any exercise that uses the legs.
The muscles that connect to the knees and hip joints are important muscle groups that are used in all kinds of movements, such as standing up and walking.
* Foot Fit, Foot Fit 2 and Foot Fit Lite are for calves, front shins and soles only.

3 programs to choose from.

A new habit for a healthy future once a day
. Use the time you put your feet on
for muscle training.

Equipped with three programs, including a training program that efficiently trains the muscles used for walking. EMS training can be selected according to the purpose and physical condition of the day.
You can easily train the muscles that you use when walking while watching TV, reading a book, or just sitting down while enjoying your hobbies.

How to use 1

training program

23 minutes efficiently calculated to train.

Total time is 23 minutes. Gradually increase in intensity over time and automatically switch from warm-up to training to cool-down.

How to use 2

walking program

Climb, descend, skip.
20 minutes where you can feel like walking.

Total time is 20 minutes. As if you were really walking, your legs are stimulated alternately left and right.
You can enjoy training as if you were skipping up and down slopes.

How to use 3

conditioning program

12 minutes to condition.

Total time is about 12 minutes. When energized, rhythmic stimuli combining frequencies of 2Hz to 50Hz automatically switch over time to condition.

Easy operation with remote control.

Since it is a remote control type, it can be operated at hand.
You can easily adjust the level or pause the program while sitting without straining your lower back.

Easy operation with remote control
You can freely adjust the level according to the conditions.

You can freely adjust the level according to the conditions.

You can freely adjust the level of stimulation for each program.

* Training program: 25 steps / Walking program: 20 steps / Conditioning program: 20 steps

Remaining timer display makes it easy to use and easy to continue.

A convenient timer function lets you know at a glance how long it takes to finish your workout.

Remaining time timer display makes it easy to use and easy to continue
Locking structure to support training

Locking structure to support training.

When energized, the main body follows the movement of the foot back and forth and tilts to support training.

3D shape that fits the soles of your feet.

We adopted a three-dimensional shape with unevenness that makes it easy to hit the entire sole.

3D shape that fits the sole of your foot
Easy-to-use, lightweight model

A lightweight model that anyone can use.

It's lightweight and compact, so it's easy to carry around.

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