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For a healthy life.
Strengthen the muscles of the thigh that connect to the "knee" .

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Health promotion certified product
Certified as a health promotion device.
"Health promotion equipment" refers
to machines and equipment that aim to promote human health and beauty and improve quality of life (QOL), and
are certified by the Japan Home Health Equipment Association.

Did you know?

The muscles of the thigh that connect to the knee play an important role
when bending and stretching the knee .

The thigh muscles are the largest muscles in the lower body .
quadricepsMostly Tokin ” is a very important muscle that is always used in daily activities such as standing, sitting, bending and stretching the knees . In order to spend your days in good health, it is important to train the thigh muscles that connect to the knees on a daily basis .

Relationship between knee movement and thigh muscles

Thigh muscles that connect to the knee

You can train without straining while sitting .

old woman sitting on bed

electrical stimulation quadricepsMostly Tokin"Knee Fit" to approach and
train the thighs efficiently . You can train while sitting
indoors , so even those who are worried about their legs can use it easily. We are particular about the materials, shape, and design, and support comfortable training every day.

image of knee

Enriching the 100-year life era .

To live more abundantly in the 100-year life era . The first step is to think about “muscles”.
In today's aging society, there is an increasing desire to live a healthy life, but
as people age, more and more people are lacking exercise. That's why SIXPAD focuses on the thigh muscles
, which are said to occupy a large proportion of the body . For every day where you can enjoy your hobbies and outings from the bottom of your heart.

Come on, with "Knee Fit".

mature coupleold woman stretchingold man enjoying his hobby

from many people

We are happy to hear that you are satisfied .

Monitor survey results

without straining your knees

You can train with confidence every day .

Just press the start button. Auto program
for only 15 minutes once .

Automatically switches from warm-up to training to cool-down , and automatically turns off when finished . Just press the start button and you can train without straining your knees while sitting .

move muscles. train. to make it rest. Efficiently calculated 15 minute auto program.
A unique training program that effectively trains the thighs that connect to the knees

There are 20 training levels to choose from.

You can choose the level of electrical stimulation according to your physical condition and preferences on the day .
Even if you are new to EMS, you can continue training with peace of mind .

training level

Because it is 3 steps, it can be continued every day.

It's something you wear every day, so it's easy to use and easy to care for.

  • Wet the electrodes with water

    Wet the electrodes with water

    *Gel sheet not required

  • wear and train

    wear and train

  • To the washing machine after use

    To the washing machine after use

    * Please remove the controller and
    wash it.

Comfortable and easy training

Comfortable stretch material
Comfortable stretch material
Thin stretch material that fits comfortably around your knees .
Easy to wear
Easy to wear
Because it is a fastener and hook type , it is easy to put on
while sitting .
Easy operation
Easy operation
You can easily turn the power on/off and adjust the level
using the controller .

Cloth electrodes that combine safety and durability

No gel sheet required, economical. Epoch-making cloth electrode "Eledyne" that brings together SIXPAD
's technology .

  • Stability
  • safety
  • durability

" Stability " that can be energized for a long time with a small amount of water . " Safety " that can be worn with confidence without being affected by sweat . " Durability " means that it is hard to deteriorate and can be washed at home and used repeatedly . Combining these three, we have realized a comfortable training easily.

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SIXPAD original EMS technology

Resolves pain peculiar to low frequencies . EMS technology
that trains muscles with electrical stimulation .

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation ) trains
muscles by electrical stimulation . You can train while reading or watching TV , so you don't have to move your body and sweat.

electrical stimulation diagram
EMS installation diagram

Joint development with a world-class authority on exercise medicine science

  • SIXPAD's original core technology
    "CMM Pulse"

    EMS theory based on a frequency of 20 Hz, which is efficient for training, MTG's development capabilities that solved the pain peculiar to low frequencies with its own waveform, and training methods adopted by top athletes around the world. The core technology “CMM Pulse” born from these three synergies has made SIXPAD the one and only EMS training gear.

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